The 28th Guangzhou Furniture Fair opened on September 7th and continued to adhere to the exhibition positioning of “both domestic and foreign sales”. The 28th China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair will join hands with China Guangzhou International Home Furnishings and Home Textiles Exhibition on September 7th, 2011. On the 10th, the China Import and Export Fair Complex was held in the exhibition hall to build a platform and create business opportunities for you before the peak season of home sales. The professional layout of 190,000 square meters is based on the largest international exhibition center in Asia - China Import and Export Fair Complex. The scale of the exhibition is 190,000 square meters, providing a comfortable and spacious environment for exhibitors and buyers. The planning of the exhibition area will make the layout more reasonable, effectively improve the efficiency of the buyers' exhibition and save costs. Room A, Hall 1.2 Modern Integrated Furniture (Outdoor Home, etc.) Zone A 2.2-5.2 Modern Panel, Solid Wood, Metal Furniture Area B 9.2-11.2 Modern Sofa B Area 9.3-11.3 Modern sofa, soft bed, mattress, functional sofa Class A, Classroom 2.1 Classical sofa, American classical furniture, Neoclassical furniture Area A, Class 3.1-5.1 European classical furniture Area A, Hall 1.1 Overall matching accessories, glass crystal, ceramics, small pieces of furniture A District 6.1 Hall lighting, artificial flowers, wood / Stone carvings, metal crafts, telephone, clock, area A, building 7.1, comprehensive accessories and fabrics, area A, 8.1, carpets, tapestries, paintings, mirrors, frames, business, business opportunities, unlimited, this exhibition is expected to have nearly 800 modern civilian furniture, classical civilian Furniture, home accessories and supplies, craft home textile fabrics, outdoor furniture and leisure products companies will bring you a wealth of exciting products such as product display, brand image release, and investment information exchange. Don't miss it. Brands in the modern exhibition area: Federation, Hong Kong Xingli, Jianwei, Dynasty, Sihai, Zuo, Zhihao, Yuanfangyuan, Xilinmen, Jisi, Gaozhi, Enovo, Yiyi Ruisi, Meishen, Zhida , on the domain, and so on. Classical exhibition area exhibitors: Nobel, Fuxing Long, Daqian, Guosen, Feilong, Yamenna, super comfortable, beautiful and so on. Home accessories, home textile fabrics participating brands: Stone, Blanca, Jiahe, Gulaijin, Beixiong, Jiemei, Jinda, Michael, Amazon, you can live, Europe, America, Yifa, Federation, Fuhua, Yi Ge Ma, Tibetan sheep, etc. The exhibition's intimate service welcomes the organizers of the eight parties to further improve the service system, mail the admission badge and invitations in advance, simplify the on-site admission procedures and save the admission time; further strengthen the relevant supporting measures on the spot to provide convenient exhibition services; continue to promote regular customers. The home service system provides convenient services such as “one card”, VIP rest area, and coupons for buyers who have been attending for many sessions. September 7-10, 2011, the 28th China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair and China Guangzhou International Home Jewelry, Home Textiles Fabric Exhibition, look forward to your visit!

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