Yesterday, it was reported that Tmall had three stores with sales of more than 100 million yuan on the 11th, one of which was a home store. It is understood that because the furniture online shop often does not have inventory, the online shop will contact the manufacturer to replenish the goods after the order is placed, and then the furniture manufacturer will start the “selling” e-commerce. A number of online shop reporters of the same brand found that although the furniture industry entered the online shopping market soon, it was deployed in multiple e-commerce channels. For example, Qumei Furniture owns the self-built “Qumei Online Mall”, and has an official store in Tmall, and also has goods in Jingdong. Although Guangdong Yonglong Furniture Factory opened its official online store in Taobao last October, it also has four online sales outlets in Taobao and Tmall. Wu Nani, vice president of Qumei Group, once said that furniture companies have opened online shopping platforms, and the circulation channels are more convenient, which can reduce the production cost of furniture products, thus reducing the purchase cost for consumers. "However, online sales means that the workload of the follow-up customer service system will increase accordingly. The hardware support and personnel training of traditional furniture companies should be kept up to date." Wu Nani pointed out. Although furniture dealers place e-commerce channels everywhere, brand furniture pays more attention to self-operated online stores. “At present, Winglong’s sales account for 70% of domestic physical stores and 25% of exports. Online sales account for only about 5%.” Guangdong Yonglong Furniture Manager Wu said that official online stores and consignment online stores are basically unified prices. Online store dealers don't have much room for price changes. The reporter compares Qumei Online Mall with Jingmei Mall Qumei Store. Qumei has the same price list, but Jingdong Mall has quite limited types, and its Tmall store is mainly based on lower-priced products. The home store listed Tmall's sales of top three furniture manufacturers overtime busy "double eleven" promotion, home business is also "dip". Yesterday, news from Yibang Power Network said that the data confirmed by Alibaba Group in the early morning of November 12 showed that on November 11th, Tmall had three stores with sales exceeding 100 million yuan, namely Jack Jones flagship store. Camel clothing flagship store, all-you home flagship store. It is understood that in the November 11th Tmall's 50% off package logistics activities, many brands of furniture and building materials participated in the promotion. According to the Sohu Focus Network news, the official screenshot of Gujia Home shows that the cumulative transaction amount on the day reached 60,391,397 yuan, while the non-promotional day on November 10 was only 24,668 yuan, the former being 2,448 times. The Taobao Index shows that in the past 7 days, the “furniture” search index on Taobao and Tmall increased by 23.3% from the previous month, up 220.2% year-on-year; the transaction index increased by 183.3% from the previous month and increased by 228.1%. In the past 30 days, the mainstream people who bought furniture in Taobao and Tmall were primary buyers of medium consumption. The proportion of people aged 25 to 30 accounted for more than 50%, and Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong accounted for 37%. Now, after the online sales are taking a break, the furniture manufacturers are busy. Yesterday, an insider of Qumei Furniture Group Co., Ltd. revealed to the reporter that the person in charge of the company's e-commerce team “has gone to rest”, starting from the pre-sale before “Double Eleven”, the e-commerce team every day. Working overtime, on November 10th and 11th, "two nights were smashed." Manager Wu of the sales department of Guangdong Yonglong Furniture Factory was too busy yesterday. According to him, because the online store inventory is very small, it is generally the buyer who took the product and then issued a bill to the manufacturer. "Now I just have to deal with the 11th order, I have no time to talk." Wu said that on the 11th, the five online stores of Yonglong's Honglong brand furniture sold about 130 sets of products with a turnover of 200,000 yuan, which is more than normal. Increase by 12 times. “The factory usually sends the inventory table once a week. The online store will sell according to the inventory in the factory. The spot is generally sent to the logistics on the same day. Now the factory needs to work overtime. Basically, it can only work over three nights for one night.” Industry: More Optimistic about online stores with physical stores According to media reports, Melaleuca Furniture Network once said that e-commerce profits are not more than 5%, which is very different from traditional channels, and it is also a typical “profit-making profit” for every holiday. Drinking." "Now the e-commerce platform is flocking, and many of them are in 'burning money.'" An industry insider bluntly said, "Generally speaking, in the field of e-commerce, only the first, there is no second. That is, the first and second The distance will be quite large." Furniture manufacturers who regulate the price to guarantee after-sale but at the same time do upstream production and network sales, obviously have a greater say. “The profit of our online store is over 20%, and the profit of physical store can reach more than 50%.” Wu Manager of Guangdong Yonglong Furniture Factory said that Yonglong has a set price, which stipulates that the net profit of a set of products in online stores cannot be less than 400 yuan. Now the first is to regulate the price and after-sales service of various online stores. Is there no profit for after-sales protection?” Sun Xiong, president of the Guangdong Chain Store & Franchise Association, said that he is more optimistic about e-commerce with physical stores. “In terms of customer experience, warehousing, distribution, etc., chain stores combined with online channels have a greater advantage.” Wu Nani also pointed out that e-commerce is cheap, but not talking about brands can only be low-priced. . Customer experience is an essential part of the consumer experience.

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