After a "tear-saw battle", a set of sofas with a price of more than 60,000 yuan was finally sold at a discounted price. Yesterday morning, Mr. Wu mentioned that he still couldn't believe it when he mentioned his experience in purchasing home products. "Because it is a well-known brand home, at that time, the merchants can make the price in the end, and there is no bottom in their hearts." Mr. Wu said that because of this, when he was in contact with the business, he reported such a low "indifferent" attitude. The price chart, but what is unexpected is that the merchant finally nodded and agreed. At present, many brand furniture companies play "high-end" brands. The products are advertised as "European classics" and "noble choices". Most of the price of furniture is "deteriorating", but some furniture allows for profit. People are tongues. Product sales popular concept alumni record, brand home popular "grade" competition, upgrading of household product grades, obviously related to the continuous improvement of citizens' living standards. In order to cater to the rising consumer demand of the citizens, the grade of household products has also been continuously improved. Its value is quite high, ranging from tens of thousands of yuan to more than 100,000 yuan and hundreds of thousands of yuan. Individual household products have even been hand-made. Cards to attract consumers with special needs. “Because of the low profit of production and distribution of low-end products, many merchants will focus on the production and sales of medium and high-end products.” A brand home furnishing dealer in the Fubon Macalon home market said that despite these products The price is a bit high, but as long as it can cater to the consumer demand, there is still a market. The actual transaction price of a set of branded home products is only half of the price, which inevitably causes some citizens to have such a delusion: How much profit margins are there in the mid-to-high-end home products with rising prices? As the price difference between the price and the actual transaction price is very different, some citizens will inevitably be vigilant. “The renovation of the new home is nearing completion, and the purchase of furniture has become a major task in the near future.” Mr. Dong, who lives in Chang'an Jiayi Garden in downtown, said, “When faced with these household products, how to rationally bargain really makes you upset” . "Compared with some low-end products, the profit of mid-to-high-end home products will definitely be higher, and the room for bargaining will be correspondingly larger, but the products that can be overpaid by half are still rare." Some industries in the urban home sales industry People say that the purchase of high-end home products is still indispensable, so don't just ask for the brand awareness of the product, but also consider the practicality of the product.

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More and more building and facility owners are turning to products that don`t consist potentially dangerous chemicals due to reports of damaging effects of the formaldehyde found in many construction materials. Formaldehyde-free flooring systems support good indoor air quality and can help avoid the health risks caused by harmful chemical contents of other flooring ingredients.

We need to do whatever we can to protect the world we live in.  That`s why sustainability is an important factor to consider in choosing the right flooring for you. But that`s not all, it`s surprising to note that not only these materials are environmentally friendly they are also good for people with environmental allergies. 


Formaldehyde Free Laminate Flooring

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