The Da Vinci incident continued to ferment. Under the pressure of public enthusiasm and consumers' shouting returns, Da Vinci Home finally released a "Public Apology Letter to Consumers" on the evening of the 18th. However, in this apology letter, the issues of return, exchange and compensation that are of the utmost concern to the public and consumers are avoided, and nothing is mentioned. This attitude of not retreating, not changing, and not paying is ridiculed by netizens as "three nos." The apology of the business is necessary and necessary for such a bad event that affects such a wide range of events. However, since we have to apologize, we should come up with the sincerity of an apology. Only a sincere apology can win the understanding of consumers and restore their social image and business reputation. For Da Vinci, it is obviously not enough to just apologize by opening a press conference and sending a letter of apology. What consumers want is their actual actions. What is the actual action? That is, according to the requirements of the consumer, for the goods with problems, the refund, the change, the compensation. The act of fraudulent business is not only psychological damage to the consumer, but also the economic loss of real money, and the development of the meeting and the apology letter can only play a soothing role for the consumer's psychology. It does not help consumers to recover or reduce economic losses. Da Vinci pursued "three non-isms" in his apology letter, in fact adopting a speculative strategy. For the business, the apology is just that it doesn't look good on the face. As long as the face is thick and the psychological endurance is strong, it will be quite good, but it is necessary to return, exchange, and compensate, but it is actually going to save money. This is obviously the last thing Da Vinci wants to do. Therefore, whether it is willing to bear the economic loss and compensate the consumers economically is the touchstone for testing whether Da Vinci’s apology is sincere. Da Vinci’s “pseudo-import” tricks have been playing for so many years, and the money that should not be earned has earned a lot. Now that such a bad incident has occurred, if you still hold the money bag, you will not rely on a few words to apologize. I am afraid it will not be easy to deal with the past. If you really want to wash your mind and regroup, just put away the "three non-isms" as soon as possible and come to the point.

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