The brand disappeared, the manufacturer failed, the furniture was cut, the price of the product expired, the brand disappeared, the service team changed, the furniture price was expensive, the product was “expired”, and the foreign manufacturers closed down... When you look at the imported furniture that looks glamorous, you might have thought If the above five situations come true, the furniture you purchase will face many risks. After-sales service, maintenance, and experience and life expectancy will be ignored. Those who pay attention to quality, look at services, save trouble, face, and are willing to pay tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of imported furniture at a large price, usually think that it is worthwhile to spend money to buy a "comfortable". However, if the preparations are not done well and the money is not spent on the ground, "comfortable" is likely to become a bait, and "acceptance" is the end. International brands have long regarded the Chinese market as the biggest "money bag", but people's understanding of foreign brands is not straightforward. At the moment, new furniture items at home furnishing exhibitions in major countries such as Cologne, Paris, and Milan have come or are coming to people. As a mature consumer, when you taste the trend and start purchasing, you should ask a few more questions. It doesn't work." Variable one: The brand disappeared. Reason: The agent contract expired, the original agent did not renew the contract, and the new agent was not in place. Impact: The early commitments and the post-services have become overwhelming, and they want to defend their rights. “I found that the mattress spring had a problem and quickly turned back for help, but the original high-end atmosphere of an imported furniture brand store actually disappeared mysteriously.” Three months ago, the imported mattress that cost tens of thousands of dollars was in trouble, but now it is For the "orphans" that nobody cares about, reader Miss Guo is very difficult to accept, and I don't know where to go for help. A few months ago, the imported furniture brand was so good. Can it really evaporate? In this regard, Lu Shui, general manager of the Rochebobois Beijing area, who has been engaged in furniture for many years, gave the answer: the agent contract expired, the agent did not renew the contract, which is the main reason why most imported furniture brands suddenly disappeared in China. . Lu Shui pointed out that even if the style is clear, the positioning is accurate, and the products are good, some imported furniture brands may still be short-lived in China. There are three reasons: First, the product is not for the taste of the Chinese. For example, in addition to the stable domestic condition of mattress products in Germany, the “evaporation rate” of furniture brands is quite high. The sales in the local area are not good enough, and the overseas market is not enough. The design, size and shape are never changed for the Chinese. The merchants who represent German furniture often do very hard work in China. Second, the agency protection is not in place. . The phenomenon that the same brand of products can be bought in different furniture stores usually makes the agents very passive. In the face of foreign brands whose agent protection is poorly done, domestic agents have to close their hands in order to protect themselves; third, agents Limited experience and no long-term plans. I don't know enough about foreign brands and products, and I don't know much about the domestic market. Some agents will act as an agent for testing imported brands. If they do, they will continue to do so. Variable 2: The service team changed the reason: For various reasons, the domestic agent was changed from Company A to Company B. Impact: The arrival time is not guaranteed, the price is abrupt, and the after-sales maintenance responsibility is difficult to distinguish. After buying the furniture ordered by the A agent, after changing the B agent, will they carry out the above related services to the end? You who are spending in imported furniture brand stores may not have noticed whether the agency team behind the brand is about to change. However, this directly affects whether the content and quality of the after-sales service you enjoy will be greatly reduced. Liu Wanyou, the general manager of Blue Morning Home Jewelry Co., Ltd., bluntly said that the domestic agents of imported furniture have changed, and the entire service team will be replaced. The after-sales maintenance and other matters are handled by new agents or old agents, which has always been a sensitive issue. , often unresolved. In this regard, some insiders told the author, which agent is responsible for the after-sales problem, there is no "mandatory regulations" or "regulations" in the country, relying on new and old agents to negotiate with foreign manufacturers, so the brand is different. American Simmons Bedding (Simmons) Beijing general agent Yihehua company sales director Tian Liping for the author example, Italy Xiatu sofa originally represented by them, and now the agent has changed hands. However, after consultation, all the Xiatu products sold during the agent's agency will be responsible for the after-sales service. Lu Shui, general manager of the home office in Rochburg, France, said that the RUF-Betten, which they had represented, is now taken over by another company. After consultation with foreign manufacturers, the brand was produced during their agency. All after-sales service will be directly responsible for the German factory, they will not intervene. Variable three: the reason for the expensive purchase of furniture: foreign agents in the overseas agents are more chaotic, playing a "price war" for the market. Impact: Unable to judge the true value of the product. The fidelity, quality assurance, and reasonable price guarantees, under the repeated "commitment" of the shopping guide, the reader Mr. Dong finally spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy the classic single sofa of an Italian brand. However, Mr. Dong later discovered that the same product is also available in other furniture stores, and the price is lower. In this regard, Mr. Dong is very angry. According to industry sources, the price system of the same imported brand in the same city is not uniform, mainly because of the chaos of the brand's domestic agents or dealers. In fact, many internationally renowned furniture brands are not large in the country, and some are family businesses with only a dozen people. They have limited control over the status of their brand's overseas agents. In the hands of many people, in order to seize the market, the "price war" is naturally inevitable. Of course, some mature international brands will stipulate the pricing system and discount methods of domestic products. Natuzzi, Italy, has established its Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai, which is responsible for unifying the price system of China's Natuz products. Variable 4: Get the reason for hoarding futures: The sales of imported furniture in advance are not good, and it is difficult to shoot for many years, and it is shared with the mouse. Impact: Potential quality and health issues may arise at any time. The four walls are still rough cement, the interior is full of all kinds of debris, and the rats are smashing around... The above is the actual scene of most domestic imported furniture warehouses. According to an industry insider who is engaged in imported furniture business, because the domestic rental cost is too high, in order to save money, more than 60% of high-end imported furniture agents can only choose to store products in a suburban environment. Indeed, imported furniture that is glamorous and expensive, has been “hidden” where it has been sent to your home, and how the storage environment is waiting, and is often overlooked by consumers. In the morning, Liu Wanyou and Luoqibao Lushui said that the storage conditions of furniture are closely related to their service life and maintenance costs. In particular, soft furniture such as sofas and bed furniture, if not tightly sealed, and placed in a dark and humid environment, poor ventilation and excessive dust, product quality and longevity will be greatly affected. Liu Wanyou suggested that consumers should be more cautious in accepting furniture when they are unable to see the storage environment of a certain brand. If they get the futures at the bottom of the box, they will definitely lose themselves. Variable 5: The reason for the closure of the manufacturer: The foreign small-scale operation method is too low in pressure, causing the factory to “close” or “acquired”. Impact: The after-sales guarantee commitment is basically “cleared”. Pure handwork, slow work, and non-following, in the eyes of imported furniture lovers, these characteristics of foreign furniture brands are advantages. However, for companies that must face market competition, this small-scale business model is under-stressed, and “closed” or “acquired” situations occur from time to time. "If foreign manufacturers fail, then who will guarantee the domestic sales?" I heard that foreign manufacturers may be "disappeared", and consumers Miss Zhang are very nervous about the after-sales problems of imported furniture purchased at home. In this regard, Wang Lanyu, general manager of Super Comfort International Home, said that if foreign manufacturers fail, they can no longer fulfill their previous commitments; if the brand is “acquired” and continues to operate furniture products after reorganization, domestic consumers can The new owner of the brand is looking for help.

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