As a member of the sofa family, leather sofas have always been loved by people for their grandeur, luxury and durability.

Nowadays, the main color of leather sofa is mainly brown and brown. In addition to maintaining the original luxurious temperament, it also combines the aesthetics of modern people. The shape of the sofa is lighter and simpler, and it is very modern and fashionable. Some people even said that the alcohol and the smell of the leather, such as a noble and rare wine, passed through the marks of the years, and it was long and fragrant. The leather sofa is suitable for a tasteful home style, with a special texture that symbolizes identity and taste. This small series brings you a Dakota three-seat sofa from Harbor House. It has a tough shape and a traditional American furniture charm. The overall look is elegant and elegant, and it has a stylish and luxurious style. It will be evaluated from the four aspects of the appearance, material, details, and sitting of the sofa.

HarborHouse Dakota Three-Bedroom Sofa Review Harbor House interprets the culture of the West Coast of the United States as a mature, elegant, understated, natural and calm design concept, ultimately achieving Harbor House home products. HarborHouse Dakota Three-Bedroom Sofa Harbor House's sofa products are pure American style. The design concept is derived from nature. The products are not only beautiful, but also comfortable and durable. The quality is environmentally friendly. There are many styles and sizes, and there are customized services to fully satisfy the requirements. Consumer needs. HarborHouse Dakota Three-Bedroom Sofa Harbor House's Dakota three-seat sofa features American traditional furniture, a tough, sophisticated style and a sleek and luxurious style.

Placed in the living room to reflect the elegance of the host family, adding a touch of low-key luxury to the home style. The HarborHouse Dakota three-seat sofa Dakota three-seat sofa is carefully selected from the Italian imported top layer cowhide. The espresso leather restores the natural original ecology and explains the simple and calm, unrestrained lifestyle. The HarborHouse Dakota three-seat sofa Dakota three-seat sofa is made of solid pine frame, which is very stable. The pine has the characteristics of elasticity and breathability, and it is practical and durable. Dakota three-seat sofa with solid pine frame Dakota three-seat sofa with copper nails to dress the edge of the sofa, the combination of the metallic color of the copper nails and the dark leather, creating a unique retro aesthetic of American furniture.

Dakota three-seat sofa with copper nails to dress the sofa edge Dakota three-person sofa Basic information: Main material: solid pine, environmentally-friendly wood-based panel, high flame retardant rebound sponge, Italian imported top layer cowhide color: espresso size: length 218 × width 99 × high 89cm Price: 39800 yuan leather fabric cushion cover main material: imported leather color: brown size: length 46 × width 26cm Price: 1680 yuan

About Harbor House: Harbor House is a holistic home brand created by the top design team in the United States. It inherits the simple and relaxed lifestyle of Harbor House Inn, and interprets the culture of the West Coast of the United States as a mature, elegant, understated and natural design. The ultimate achievement is the Harbor House home product. The Harbor House product range covers: furniture, home textiles, lamps, bathrooms, accessories, curtains, wall paintings, outdoor homes, children's collections and kitchen supplies. Each type of product guarantees world-class quality and superior value through global procurement, bringing consumers a rich and convenient integrated shopping experience.

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