The industry is so, furniture companies are not worried. For furniture companies, under the impact of e-commerce, furniture e-commerce has become the trend of the times. In order to develop channels, many furniture brands have tried the water and electricity business platform. Although there are few gains, consumers still prefer to buy physical furniture. Mr. Zhang, who is buying furniture in Bayi Furniture City, said: “Even if it is the same style, different brands and different textures will have big differences. Without actual experience, it is difficult to judge whether it meets your own requirements, and this Large-scale items logistics and after-sales service are big problems, or choose a physical store to buy more assured." Gate Fengmin said that furniture companies are special, online is just a supplement to the offline, Still can't rely entirely on the line. There are many influencing factors in the development of e-commerce platform for furniture enterprises. First, large-scale furniture products are prone to various problems in logistics and installation. Moreover, furniture online shopping after-sales service has not yet formed a perfect system in the industry; second, furniture The user experience of the product is very high, the online shopping lacks the on-site experience, it is difficult to measure the product quality and style, and the expensive logistics costs are required, and most consumers still take a wait-and-see attitude.

MDF Board is mainly used for laminate floor, door sheet, partition, furniture,  decoration of indoor&outdoor, office and home furniture, sould equipment, inside decoration of the car, antistatic floor of computer room, panel, security door, wall board etc, and also used for the package and the basic material of laminate Wood Flooring.

MDF is easily for coating finishing, every coating, oil paint are also on the surface of MDF, is the fist choice as the basic material of painting effects.MDF is one kind of beautiful material of decoration. Smooth and flat surface, fine texture, steady property. All kinds of venner, gummed paper, light metal plate, melamine paper etc, is also can on the surface of the MDF. MDF is made from acoustical board after drilling, is used in construction decorative progress, such as meeting room, displaying room, office etc. And we have High Quality Mdf.

LULI Group Corp. Ltd, well known as the leading manufacturer for wooden, steel and paper products, located in Shouguang, Weifang, Shandong, China. Since the foundation in 1985, it focus on the production of Plywood , venner,MDF board, Particle Board, Door skin , Blockboard , Finger joint board, OSB, paper, Steel etc.

Mdf Details:

size:1220*2440MM 1830*3660MM 1830*2440MM 915&610*3660MM 1220*2800MM 1525*2440MM






Medium-Density Fibreboard

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