A set of all-green leather sofas with an original price of less than 40,000 yuan has now been priced at 80,000 yuan, even if it is a 20% discount, it is more than 60,000 yuan. A set of plate-painted TV cabinets, the original price of less than 20,000 yuan, has now sold 30,000 yuan, as well as mahogany furniture, for example, Siamese rosewood, has been cutting prices last year, and now, the price is also slightly raised in the steady. The cost rises, the furniture starts to rise, the design is novel, the modern furniture is popular, the consumer exclaims, “I can’t afford it”. I bought the furniture during the holiday season, but at the invitation of a friend, Mr. Huang took the family out for a trip, and then went back to the weekend. Furniture store, a look, dumbfounded. Before the holiday, I was optimistic about a set of 40,000 yuan all-green leather sofas. Now I am asking for a price of 80,000 yuan. "You can make a 20% discount." The salesperson said that for a holiday, he spent more than 20,000 yuan, Mr. Huang said, "Do not buy. "Go to the major furniture stores in Guangzhou to understand, after the "May 1" furniture is indeed quietly rising prices. A set of painted modern TV cabinets, specially read before the festival, clearly remember that the price is 19,800 yuan, and this week, the price has been adjusted to 30,000 yuan. A single chair with an African rosewood covered leather seat, the price before the festival is 3,800 yuan, and has now risen to 5,800 yuan. An arhat bed with red rosewood, the difference after the festival is more than 20,000 yuan. Although there are still 20,000 yuan of two-bedroom furniture on the market, it is estimated that it will disappear soon. An agent of a furniture store said, “We have received notification from the factory that the ex-factory price of furniture will be raised by about 10% from May.” “The furniture market began to recover slowly this year, but it has to face price increases”. The general manager of a store said that due to the continuous rise in raw materials, logistics and labor costs, the price increase of furniture has been “on the line”. “Most sellers are in a dilemma. The price increase market may fall, no price increase, sellers may be at The situation of loss.” The cost increase is difficult for sellers. According to the furniture factories in Zhongshan, Shunde and Dongguan, all kinds of plates used in furniture main materials, aluminum materials used in accessories, stainless steel and other hardware, paint, glue and other chemicals. There has been a continuous rise in the prices of the materials. “The plate has been rising slightly in the past two years. This year, the increase has been intensified, about 10%, and the price of imported wood has reached 20%. The hardware is the most outrageous and doubles up; the increase of paint has reached more than 30%, even the carton and foam. Packaging materials such as foam paper or pearl cotton have also risen a lot," said the person in charge of several furniture companies. From June 12th, Siamese rosewood will be listed as an international second-level protected wild plant, which will restrict import and export and become a scarce wood species in the future. Affected by this, the price of mahogany furniture in the second half of the year may rise by 50%. In addition, since last year, the wages of production workers, store sales personnel, and installation and distribution masters have risen by almost 10% to 15%. At present, the crafts of carving and hand-painting are more complicated, and the price of furniture required for senior technicians has increased significantly. In fact, the price increase began last year, and the pre-holiday sales season is also rising, but it is very hidden. For example, the price has not changed, but the discount is much smaller. “The era of profiteering in the furniture industry has already passed, and it has begun to enter the era of low profit.” Roughly, in the primary market, the current 20% to 30% of the seller’s income is paid to the store in the form of rent, and nearly 10% of the income. It was handed over to logistics, as well as the salary income of warehousing and sales personnel. The current gross profit of furniture sales is estimated to be only 20% to 30%. Modern design with novel design is popular. Although the house will not be handed over until the end of June, Miss Li has ordered a batch of furniture. "I think inflation will definitely lead to rising prices, furniture can not be spared, there are concessions, so I quickly bought it. Anyway, buy it sooner or later, why spend more money." Most brand agents have expressed the same view, "price increases are the trend of the times, it is inevitable." The increase is expected to be more than 15%. High-end furniture has their own fans, and most people will not react much to the price increase. Like Da Vinci, Jinshang Mingdian, Shiwei Pavilion, and Guangzhou-European furniture, the impact will not be particularly large. However, the impact on the mid-end and low-end furniture market is not small, because such consumer groups are quite sensitive to price. "Redwood furniture, neo-classical furniture have risen a lot, can not afford, can only buy some modern furniture with novel design and relatively cheap price." Mr. Chen, who is buying furniture, said that he is the first time to buy a home, expensive to buy As a result, the general panel furniture can not be seen, it is better to spend the same money, buy some furniture that looks new and looks very refined. Some design brands have said that their sales are good, and have a lot to do with design and price.

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