With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay attention to all the details in daily life. In the kitchen, we use sharp knives to make exquisite food every day. At the same time, every day, the knives will be exposed to stains and water stains, which will inevitably rust. However, at this time, we can easily extend the life of the tool as long as we pay attention to the maintenance.

According to the global hardware network, there are so many kinds of tools in the mall, but how to properly maintain the tools has become the focus of many home people. However, nowadays the kitchen knives of the average family are almost all large sets, nine sets, even the crabs have eight pieces of stainless steel products, so we must have different common sense for the use and maintenance of each tool. To understanding. Below, Xiaobian will tell you some tips on daily tool maintenance.

1. The tibia and cut meat should be used separately according to different purposes. The cutter should not cut, cut metal, wood and other hard objects.

2, when the humerus should use the heel of the blade to contact the bone, vertical knife. If the bone is stuck in the blade edge, it is not advisable to shake it from side to side and pull out the blade edge. The correct way is to lift the bones together with the knife and cut until the bones break. Otherwise, it will cause the blade to break into an arc-shaped gap. This is not used properly and is not covered by the warranty.

3, the knife needs to be cleaned, dried, smeared with cooked cooking oil after each use, placed in a ventilated, dry place, away from water and gas cookers to prevent rust. (Stainless steel knives will produce yellow spots when exposed to carbon monoxide gas and should be prevented).

4, kitchen knife, scissors rust, a piece of sweet potato can be carefully rubbed several times, and then wipe with a rag to clean, after the kitchen knife rust, the knife in the rice water dipping for 3 hours, you can go rust.

5, tool water grinding method: when the knife is blunt, add water to the angle of 15 degrees -20 degrees on the sharpening stone back and forth can be sharp. (Global Hardware Network Xiong Qi / Wen)

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