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Paint and paint construction accounts for the largest area of ​​the entire home decoration. Good construction can also cover the concealed construction flaws, but it is usually found that the paint is not delicate enough. The paint is only done one or two times, so the paint is finished after painting. It is necessary to carry out inspection and acceptance to check the construction quality and ensure the comfort of daily life in the future.

Standard for paint acceptance

1. The type, color and performance of the paint used in the paint project should meet the requirements of the household. The quality of the product should conform to the current national and local standards.

2. The putty used in the paint project should be prepared according to the paint variety and performance requirements. It should be firmly and firmly combined with the substrate, and should not be peeled, powdered or cracked.

3. For wooden floors, kitchen cabinets, hanging cabinets and ceilings, putty with water resistance should be used.

4, the work consistency of the paint, should not be falling during the painting, not obvious brush pattern, during the application process, should not be arbitrarily diluted.

5, the application of paint, each application should be evenly applied, the layers must be combined firmly.

6. For fine wood decorative products, when the factory is assembled and assembled, the coating should be applied at the production stage. The last coating should be applied after installation. When assembling on site, the primer oil should be applied before assembly. Oil), apply paint after installation.

7. Paint application should be carried out according to the temperature requirements of the product manual.

8. After the application tool is used, it should be soaked in the corresponding solvent in time, and should not be mixed in color.

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Huahui activated carbon can be divided into pellet carbon, granular carbon, impregnated carbon , acid washed carbon, powder carbon and briquette carbon etc, more than 6 kinds and hundreds of specifications. 

 Impregnated carbon is Huahui Company's fifth major series of products. 

Huahui can produce impregnated carbon, such as impregnated KOH.NaOH.CUO.FE2O3.SILVER.SULPHUR ,KI,KBR,H3PO4,H2SO4,KMNO4, Chrome 3%+CU 7%and so on or as clients requirements. 

With processing multiple impregnation process according to the characteristics of different drugs, this kind of carbon can meet the diverse needs of customers.


Fe2O3 Impregnated Pellet Carbon

Fe2O3 Impregnated Pellet Carbon,Pellet Carbon With Fe2O3

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