With the skyrocketing prices, most of them are mainly small-sized homes. However, the area is relatively small. It is difficult to install bathtubs in the bathroom space. The size of the bathtub is not particularly known. But there is no way to start. It is a headache. Let's take a look at what size bathtub we have today.

The minimum size of the bathtub is less of an issue under normal circumstances, but modern owners have a lot of small apartment owners who require a higher quality of life. They often pay attention to the minimum bath size information, have appropriate specifications, and install a bathtub in their dwellings. , too high quality of life. The shape of the bathtub is usually square, round, fan-shaped and elliptical.

Round bathtubs are generally larger and have a diameter of 1.5 to 1.8 meters. Round bathtubs consume a relatively large amount of water and occupy a large area, most of which are used in villas.

Most oval bathtubs are almost the same size as the square, but there is a bathtub with a length of less than 1m4. The height is relatively high, mainly wood, and the name has changed, called the tub.

The triangular bathtubs are generally used less often, and there are also some irregularly shaped bathtubs that are used in large bathrooms and are rarely used by families.

The length of the square bathtub is basically the following: 1 meter 5, 1 metre 6, 1 metre 7, 1 metre 8, 1 metre 9, but most of it is a length of 1 meter 7, which is the average height of most Chinese people. The width is basically: 0.7 meters, 0.75 meters, 0.8 meters, 0.85 meters, 0.9 meters is relatively rare, the most used is 0.8 meters, the basic height is: 0.58 meters to 0.9 meters, 0.7 meters common.

The fan-shaped bathtub may be suitable for some small-sized lavatory, and it is also necessary to pay attention to the minimum size of the fan-shaped bathtub. It is learned that the diameter of the fan-shaped bathtub is similar to the common size of the circular bathtub, and the diameter of the smallest fan-shaped bathtub is also 1.3 meters. .

The above is the related introduction of the bathtub size, I hope to help you related, more exciting content, all on this site, so stay tuned.

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