Floor tiles, as the name implies, are a type of floor tiles that are used for floor decoration. Floor tiles not only play a decorative role in the decoration of our entire family, but also are helpful when we are cleaning homes. Floor tiles can make our cleaning become Abnormal simplicity and convenience. Nowadays, there are a large variety of floor tiles. How to choose the floor tile that is suitable for us has become a problem that bothers everyone. The common floor tiles in our home life are vitrified tiles, polished tiles, glazed tiles, non-slip tiles, printed tiles, etc. In the face of so many different kinds of floor tiles, how do we choose? How much is the floor tile ? For the majority of consumers, when choosing floor tiles, price is one of the most important factors for us to consider first. Now I will explain to you the types and choices of floor tiles , floor tiles, how much money , for consumers to buy reference!

Floor tile type - glass tiles

The tiles in the floor tile type are made from quartz sand and mud in a certain proportion. Polished light does not require polishing. The surface of the vitrified tile is generally smooth and translucent. It is the hardest of all tiles. More suitable for bathroom and kitchen applications, vitrified tiles are not easily contaminated by stains and are used in large quantities by modern people.

Floor tile type - Glazed tile

Glazed tiles in the floor tile type, glazed tiles are made from clay, quartz and feldspar. The surface can be made with a variety of different patterns and patterns. Since the surface of the glazed tile is coated with glaze, its abrasion resistance is reduced, but its wear resistance will not affect its use. Glazed tiles are rich in color patterns, specifications, easy to clean and non-slip, and are widely used in our kitchens and bathrooms.

Floor tile type - whole body brick

The bricks in the floor tiles are made of high-pressure pressed rock chips. The whole body brick has high hardness, low water absorption and good wear resistance. But the color is rather monotonous with respect to the glazed tile, but now the interior design is more and more inclined to the plain design. The use of the transparent brick is also a fashion and is now widely used in our family. In the decoration.

Floor tile type - polished tile

The polished tiles in the floor tile type are polished bricks that have a relatively high photometric brightness. The surface of the polished tiles is smooth, sturdy and wear-resistant. It is more suitable for use on balconies and some exterior wall decorations. Most of the current polished tiles use the seepage technology and can produce a variety of antique and wood-like effects. Has been sought after and loved by people who have a unique opinion of art.

Floor tile type - Porcelain brick

Porcelain tile in the floor tile type, Porcelain tile It is a tile with water absorption at 0.5%. Porcelain tile has the texture of natural stone, but also has the advantages of high light, high hardness, high wear resistance, small color and so on. It has the marble luster and advantage, but the porcelain brick has light weight, high strength, stable chemical properties, and has been recognized and sought after by consumers.


Floor tile selection

1, check the floor brick body color is pure. This is mainly to observe whether the color of the back of the floor tile is uniform and the color of the floor tile is uniform.

2. Observe whether the cross section of the floor tile is delicate. The cross-section referred to here does not refer to the cross-section around the floor tile but to its breakage. If the breakage is fine, hard and brittle, and the color is the same, it is the top grade, and the fine-grained floor tile is more waterproof.

3, the thickness of the glaze layer. The glazed surface of the floor tile refers to the entire surface of the floor tile, and the thickness of the glaze layer is the thickness of the cross-section of the glaze. Glaze is the most expensive material for floor tiles. The thicker the glaze, the better the quality of the glaze.

4, knock surface sound. Tap the surface of the floor tile and watch for a crisp sound. If the voice is clear and pleasant, then it is an excellent floor tile.

5, test the water. Pour some water on the back of the floor tile. Pay attention to how fast the floor tiles absorb water. After pouring water for a few minutes, see if the marks left by the front water are obvious. If the water is infiltrated slowly after spreading, and the watermark is not obvious, the floor tiles are of high quality.

6, take two bricks back to back and face to face if you can closely contact the phenomenon of no gap is too large to determine whether there is warping.

7, look at the surface. See if the brick surface is bright, the brighter the better, because the more dense, harder the object, the more polished it must be, the brighter it must be, the higher its hardness, the higher the abrasion resistance, and the dirtier it will be. Strong.

8, see the size. To choose the size of regularity, no size, accurate angle cut angle, four sides straight, square, placed in any angle on the same level, there should be no warping angle phenomenon.

9, see the packaging. The products are beautifully packaged, strong, font printing is clear, batch numbers are clearly marked, and there are factory inspection reports, certificate of conformity, and instructions.


How much is the floor tile?

As for how much a piece of floor tile, it depends on his brand, and each brand also has a different series of models, the price is not the same. For example, Marco Polo floor tile, a dozen pieces at a low price, the median price is 113, a maximum price of 980. Want to know the specific price, we can go to the local physical store to visit.

Editor's summary: The above is how much the floor tile is generally, and the relevant introduction of the latest floor tile quotes should be good quality when choosing the floor tile, and at the same time according to personal preferences and the functional requirements of the room and the field layout, can be from the specifications of the floor tile The choice of colors, textures, textures, etc., I hope everyone can pick the right floor tile.

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