Nowadays, the color has changed from gorgeous and deep to elegant and soothing soothing color. Glass, metal, wood and other materials that can reflect simple characteristics, with light-colored floor tiles, construct a cool color picture.

Most bathrooms have a small window. If you have a window in your home, I suggest that you choose a soothing color in the choice of bathroom space, which will make the space brighter. If your home has enough space for high jump, you can work hard on the ceiling, which will stretch the space very well. In this soothing space, look forward to the new day!

The design of the bathroom does not need to be too fancy, insist on a simple style, without too much decoration, and the bathroom is simple and generous. Among them, the combination of coffee color and white, plus the bare brick wall, makes the bathroom simple and a little smart.

When the soft space is used in your living room, people's psychology will change due to different colors. Generally speaking, colors such as green, green and blue are cool colors, giving people a refreshing and elegant feeling. The comfortable color can make life full of vitality, happy mood, full of emotions and high quality of sleep.

If your bedroom is in cool tones, it is recommended that you choose a warm color for your face on the bed. The active space will also accentuate the three-dimensional sense of space and the bright lines.

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The machine monitor has the functions to display various items and the functions to select modes and electric parts.

The machine monitor has a CPU (Central Pro-cessing Unit) in it to process, display, and out-put the information.

The monitor display employs an LCD (LiquidCrystal Display). The switches are flat sheet switches.

Monitor Panel

Monitor Panel

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